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tv   [untitled]    March 4, 2015 2:30am-3:01am PST

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if we vote for this today changes will help not an informational only item will be the final outcome. >> okay directors thank you. >> questions director brinkman. >> i only want to bring up the fact i'm in the zone we got a mailing to the households was there a mailing to pretty much all the neighborhoods. >> the original packet was the the map and the proposed proposal to over 4 thousand households and the second mailing was a postcard with a map on it to another 4 thousand households so again. >> thank you that was the only
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i had thank you for coming this is a big challenge for the area again as noted it might not be the perfect tool we can change that going forward. >> thank you for everybody but i'm going to make a motion to approve. >> a second. >> can i say for the churches is there a - aufbl the churches did they get noticing of the problem. >> through the staff. >> every address within the proposal received a notification. >> so it doesn't matter i'm going to support in today, i want a proposal to come back we still have to vote on in the future where the churches and other community facilities that will be longer a two hour.
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>> there is a motion and a second i'm going to support it the things over the next several months and looking at the thing for the fall all in favor, say i. opposed? the i's >> yes. mr. chairman ladies and gentlemen we're on item 12. >> approval of the various traffic notifications associated with the streetscape project. >> are you presenting. >> i'm going to ask lewis montoya the lead to give a brief pay attention i think fact or facts folks are fairly familiar it is more specific has been in the works for many years strong opinions on both sides of the
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issues i want quo commend lewis and his staff and team with the liveable streets to work through a challenging process do grief presentation we'll be happy to take public comment. >> good afternoon. i'm. >> i think you need to get a little bit closer. >> it is on oh no, it was not on okay. >> good afternoon there you go. >> thank you for that introduction ed i'm lewis montoya the mta's leads on the polk street project i'm existed to be here to present this comprehensive project on polk streets the energy in the room a lot of people care of about this and existed to have this proposal before you today. >> polk have the a a very
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vibrate commercial district our project focuses on the $1.3 million between unity and mcallister that portion is diverse from the civic center the possible touches knob hill and russian hill very vibrant with a mix of commercial dense housing services and government institutions and churches really the type of place where the factories in the neighborhood can run e.r. rabid and speciality tracks for people to come around the city and get the best of san francisco that violent urban atmosphere we have this is a snapshot how to get to polk street most people walk there it is like and mentioned a dense residential neighborhood
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so a lot of folks with coming from nearby and a lot of folks take the transit to permitting operate the service on polk street and on the east west streets and people bike there bicycle sharing is 7 percent strong and on pong it is the only north-south bike routes due to the topographic so an important biking route and 167g9 percent of people drive to polk street but also our analysis shows that polk street has a significant safety problem we started out this project looked at 5 years of collision history 22 people walking and biking we are hit during that 5 year period from the get-go even though the street was repaved and sewer
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improvements that project this had to be driven by safety vision zero with the city to make a culture change so that when mistakes happy on the street the outcome is not death or serious injury this project embodies that focus and that methodology it is data driven i have the highest rates of collisions of which polk street is on that but the bird eye view they show up intersection by intersection where's the trends and the concentration of his and in directing our engineers manufacturer towards those
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things we saw for people bicycling the majority of collisions are southbound or hit by cars turning right it ises bat on polk street because of the desire to get across town and people are hit on the worried streets down in the lower part of the possible street we see crashes up and down the coordinator we focusing on measures on the full corridor that project has seen probability the most community outreach i've been a part of over 60 meeting with community members like going out on the street with small groups and looking at what are the existing conditions what can we fix and hearing their input on the gown we've held month to month one
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with over 8 hundred people just shows how important possible street is to a number of people we worked with the established neighborhood groups that accident residential i'm sorry the residents merchant groups the advocates citywide advocates those are combroupdz that sprung up because of the project that he wanted to advocate so for a louder voice to me that embodies when we want to get out of the public outreach folks come to the table to be heard this is down to 3 main goals improving safety and more choice and improving the vibrancy and attractivenessness of polk street to build on the character
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that is existing this is not a one-size-fits-all we analyzed any opens from the north and southern part and other parts as i mentioned we drill down into the data to figure out where the highest need was and talking to to people about how we can address the safety issues with the varies tools in our toolbox we came up with a beautification improvements for the block 125r9 out with public safety improvements public safety we're toughing every intersection and doing high voiblth walk invitation and marshall the curb and daylight improvement in bulb outs i've mentioned the wider streets done the lower part of the polk street and broadway
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shortening the crossing distances we're going to be improving transit i mend the polk street local service and doing a number of things to improve transit and making it run more smoothly polk street a a important north-south bike route because of the took up graphic and other traffic currently, we see a moderate volumes because it is the only north-south keshgs getting folks north and south to the job centers at fisherman's wharf we've done we've broken this duo both two areas temple plain clothes on the south between mcallister and pine and 10 to the north twin pine and
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union we background this for a variety of factors including including the nature of polk street with the accident crashes we saw and really listening probation officer to what folks told you in the interim process the proposal for lower polk to install a protective bicycling like e bike lane in the northbound 0 direction this is the raised cycle tracks between the roadway and sidewalks in the southbound sdrishthsz installing a bike lane and it will be a buffer bike lane for a lot of the areas where the spacing is but the key improvement for bicycling safety is actual we're going to be 0 separating the drivers making right turns at
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the intersection where we saw the crash collision and the northern sector between pine and union again installing the southbound bike lanes will connect with the existing bike lanes in a southbound direction in the westbound shared lanes we'll be sharing that in green to highlight the bicycles on the street we're going to be trying something new you know we want to try to you know obey flexible with the streets and really be a target where we install our improvements so we're going to be installing a part time bike lane in the northbound between 7 and 10:00 a.m. to parking is r50ikd during that part of the day for
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bicyclists to ride the reason with we choose that because of the existing street sweeping parking restrictions and counted the bikes during the peak bicycle traffic. >> in order to improve of the attractiveness and make polk an inviting place to visit we're going to be planning department a number of street trees work with the denial in upwards of one hundred trees and replacing the existing light standards for more public safety decorative ornament and hanging over head stinging lights over the alleyways we heard from the merchant in lower polk they would like to see improvements in the oswald's to set the stage for other programs
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project will effect about one hundred and 40 parks along the 20 blocks of polk street 70 percent of polk parking will be retained within a one block radius we recognize that managing curb space is important but especially in a dense commercial district like polk street we're being targeted and work with the community on proposals that really maximumize how we manage that streetscape and improving the commercial road and ada loading zone and cut down on parking to meet the needs of the businesses we walked every block and observations we found out that some of the loading zones
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were not in an effective place the hours in operation were not the most effective we're changing the hours in the morning and turns over to customer parking in the afternoon lease need for commercial deliveries and providing a short term parking green parking meters and more assessable spaces in the project area in order to mitigate of the diversion of parking on polk street we're changing how we distribute monthly passes and garage so more spaces on up for hourly parking. >> we want to make sure that we able to tell a story about the project you know shortly after advertised done and going into the future we're going to be undertaking a project
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comprehensive project other more economic matrix this year for a year after the patterns into the ground but in the couple of years after the project we start to look at the economic effects of the project that is important for the community to understand how those types of projects effect them. >> i mentioned we've had a very involved planning process that wrapped up in 2014 we had also submitted the project for environmental review but the planning department that is on file with the secretary of the board and the project is currently mr. detailed design with the approval of the project today, we're on track for construction to start in 2016 in coordination
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with they paving of the streets and water sewage project in spirit of the vision zero we're not going to wait for conductors we want to get on the ground to paint and plastic post and sign those vital safety improvements like the boublth at the key intersections and adding bike lanes and in section survivalist treatment with the approval today, we're happy to announce we're ready to send this to the stop stop- shop. >> i want to thank the board for their leadership this project has been discussed thought this history and we're given guidance by the governance committee and at the board
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retreat last month i'm also thankful for the lisp that the board of supervisors from supervisor david chiu and supervisor kim and supervisor christensen as well. they've given up their feedback about this important project and really want to thank all the people that have been involved throughout the process you know we have you know a list of over 89 hundred people we try to get up e kweep in contact but those neighborhood groups they've helped us to spread the word this combrodz a great way in working with the neighborhood in this important project >> an excellent presentation before we on up for public hearing we have a motion for the board to consider. >> thank you. i know that
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anyone that was at the board retreat heard my whole vision around polk street as well do i want us to can clarifying questions from staff first. >> supervisors you want to - >> i'll introduce this and i love this is such a great start this is fantastic but i understand the categories of the exemption review from pine to union northbound on the east side of the street so i'd like to offer a motions it directs staff to come back to the board with traffic improvements that were reviewed by the city's planning department to continue the bicycle improvements 55 raised bike tracks on the east side of polk street the length of the civil rights high corridor time would the utility project
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in terms of the projects on the businesses and costs. >> do i get a second. >> i'll second. >> at this point, i'll welcome supervisor christensen to our board this afternoon. >> you're very first speech to the commission. >> my ask today is that the board eir prove the plan always curl submitted or the intention to alter the plan for what alternatives are to be included this is a legacy project over 2 years of planning and decision that have occurred i've had a short less than two months to dive into this and bring might have up to speed i've spoke up
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with the recognizecy groups i've met with the mta and the office of economic workforce development i've done my best to become a good std state of this situations my analysis is that project is primarily 3 things for the most part an infrastructure project trying to repair aging sewers and streets and district 3 is the oldest district with the oldest neighborhood our infrastructures need upgrading i've not spoken with anyone that is obviously the most expenditure of what is being proposed the second parrot of the project has been overlooked this is a public safety project and perhaps the most significant changes r those that will make the intersections safer intersections that have inside city freeways like pine and bush and on that cut across the
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corridors the dynamicing and signaling to lighting the improvements markings for crosswalks we're anxious to see those improvements without delay i've not spoken to a single group that opposes this we have two of the critical eliminates of the mta proposal that has unanimous support that leaves us with bicycle safety i haven't spoke to anyone that days with some sort of safety it is down to a safety policy i have my husband that cycles to work and friend who lost emphasis father there is, however, issues to my
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constituents one of the hinges things that is challenging on polk street we have current accepted uses of parking and loading and unloading not so much as people pulling up in front of of stores to park i have a neighborhood of relatively small very depreciates housing urge without grargz garages this is an economic parity issue question have thousands of people stor their cars in the street and whether we want to discourage them that's not going to change over night that needs to be addressed more importantly we have a.d. seas and garbage pickup and deliver of goods and children and seniors and a lot of things that can't be
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dismissed as a door free city my request 1, 2, 3 we are going to look for changes related to the cycle tracks we couple that with appropriate mitigations so we look for the restoration of n some of the parking and we find ways to handle those loading and unloading if you're doing krushths on a prompt or delivering a register or a wheelchair user that didn't walk those things have to be handled let's be fair for myself personally i'd like to see the project move forward because of the important component not wait for and since the kind of changes that are on the table now being discussed are generally low impact like paint and signage and in some cases a little bit of asphalt those are go changes i'd love to talk this
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conversation would begin immediately upon approval the planner but to go forward with the capital and safety improvements so for the intersections will allow the project to begin and for us to hash out the details the mta has received support below pine street it's great for the bicyclists and pedestrians we could 2k3w0rd and continue to debate the merit of the changes merits of the merchant and residents and bicyclists that's my request to the board i'm grateful for your allowing me to make it thank you very much (clapping) >> everything gets 2 minutes and we have 75 people so far that wants to he'd that that. >> melissa i know there are a
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number of people if the overflow room mr. chair i'll be 5 names out so a applause kept to a minimum first (calling names). >> good afternoon is ohio. >> she's not speaking my name is bret gladstone p if i may good evening i want to note the appreciation of all the commissioners i'm not speaking against the bicyclists or bikes
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i'm speaking in favor of the residential loading zones in particular above of the emancipation proclamation pick hotel between wool and it has a current white zone and will keep it's white zone that's no longer the case the hotel put in an elevator that wasn't there before it has 29 residential hotel rooms and it has tourist hotel rooms i'm sure you're aware of their owned and occupied by people that are wealthy and the big concern the loading zone is placed around the corner on eddy where there's a current muni stop and shelter but most importantly lies in front of a
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problematic liquor store and has loitering and crime the most important thing is that the new plan for that block was announced in the last couple of days and not on the public website he nodes more analysis i think without that analysis there notice choice but for some of us looking at that i'll consider a an appeal in light of the brt line on van ness and we'll push into this particular series of alleys and streets a grateful of traffic again residential loading zones have not been inadequately addressed and .
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>> i'm concerned no stopping zone on trip street to broadway that is excessive let's put the bike lane going north into larkin street this will choke small businesses there and make that very, very difficult for those who does not walk to those places to be able to shop there my husband is sdablgd not 12k5ib8g9d enough to us a placards only a couple of blocks on his feet i drop him off if we cannot get there that i bulb transit and also the consolidating the bus stops makes that more necessary i